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Precision Public Adjusting have adjusters that are insured, licensed, bonded, fingerprinted and have had extensive background checks performed by The New York State Insurance Dept. as well as the New York State Attorney General. We have undergone extensive schooling in reading homeowner and commercial property policies in order to pass a rigorous NYS Insurance exam. These are the some of the qualifications necessary to be a licensed Public Adjuster.

A Public Adjuster is allowed by law to only charge a small percentage of the settlement. This is a contingency fee based upon recovery monies.  More often than not, the knowledge of a Public Adjuster will more than cover his or her fee. If the public adjuster doesn’t collect any funds from the insurance company, then there is no fee. Therefore you have nothing to lose. 

Desk or Field Adjusters
These are adjusters that work primarily as employees for your insurance company.

Independent Adjusters
These are adjusters that work independently for multiple insurance companies.

Public Adjuster
We are advocates for you, the homeowner. A public adjuster’s obligation is to help you in all phases of settling your insurance claim from beginning to completion.

A Public Adjuster will meet the insured at his or her home or place of business as soon as possible. We will review the policy, evaluate and explain everything having to do with the claim. Upon being retained, the public adjuster will begin procedures to secure the property from accruing further damage, as well as setting up a temporary living space, dry cleaning services, and cash advances when needed. Once the damage being assessed, the public adjuster will create an estimate of damages and present it to the insurance company. This negotiation sometimes is an involved, painstaking process and speaking the insurance language is crucial at these meetings.  Insurance claims are difficult and complex. All forms, proofs       and documentation of damages is the responsibility of the property owner not the insurance company.  Having experience in reading and filling out these forms is why a public adjuster will almost always gain a much larger settlement.

The adjuster from your insurance company will welcome public adjuster representation due to the fact that the public adjuster knows exactly what forms to provide to the insurance company in order to expedite the settlement of your claim. Unfortunately, the owners of the insurance companies are not fans of public adjusters, being public adjusters will legally cost the insurance company generally 30%-40% more in compensation. A good public adjuster will know the ins and outs of policy coverage. 

The sooner the better. Early involvement of a Public Adjuster will drastically reduce the stress and confusion in filing a claim. Adjusters from your insurance company are trained to ask the proper questions in certain ways so you, as a homeowner, have to be very careful in how you answer these questions. Having a public adjuster handling these questions for you, would definitely be in your best interest. 


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