Type Of Claim

Vandalism & Theft Claims

Vandalism Damage

Vandalism, also called malicious mischief or criminal mischief, is the deliberate offence of destroying or damaging someone else’s property without their permission.  Vandalism can occur to anyone at any time. Most damages and losses incurred from an act of vandalism are covered within a standard commercial property and homeowner’s insurance policies, but exceptions can occur. Coverage for vandalism to your property hinges on several possible factors.

Theft Claim

Theft is typically defined as property that is stolen. And it’s one of the most common insurance claims today.  Unfortunately theft claims can be very complicated. While many other forms of damage leave the damaged property behind for inspection, theft doesn’t. This can often result in clashes with insurance companies over ownership and documentation.  Additionally, the market value of certain objects can fluctuate. This leaves the insured in a position of being offered less than what they believe is fair.  Assigning values to all stolen items can be very challenging. With Precision Public Adjusting on your side you can feel secure that all claims documentation is complete, your loss estimates are accurate and substantiated and that you are professionally represented in the settlement talks with your insurer.


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